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The Importance of the Right Office Furniture

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Almost any business wants great productivity combined with happy employees. Many go to great lengths to reach that goal. But there is one key productivity element that is very easy to improve – the right office furniture. It makes sense when you think about the importance of that furniture. The average American worker will spend 90,000 hours at work over the course of their life. And a lot of that can be sitting at a desk in front of a computer. So having the right furniture can take productivity to a new level.

The right furniture is not just comfortable for long periods of work. It should contribute to the look of the office in the right way. It is the first thing people will take in when they arrive in your office. Having the right furniture in your office also creates a nice aesthetic when customers visit and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for other visitors. It can give clients a sense of confidence in your business.

Increased Productivity

Your employees could sit at their desks for more than eight hours every day. So it is extremely important they have the right furniture. If they spend their days sitting in ill-fitting chairs with desks that aren’t ergonomic, they run the risk of developing back, neck, and shoulder pain or other repetitive strain injuries. Even when injuries haven’t occurred, just being uncomfortable made workers distracted, unhappy, and error-prone. When comfortable and using ergonomic equipment, they can do more work more efficiently and be more productive. It is well-documented that when furniture is comfortable, employees physically feel good and perform better in their jobs.

Studies have also found that workers who are distracted by their discomfort also make more errors, leading to a worse work product. But workers in the right, comfortable furniture with an ergonomic office setup were better able to concentrate. This means higher productivity overall.

In addition to making sure workers don’t get injured at work, a properly-fitting work environment will improve everyday comfort. If an employee gets to the level of developing injury from the daily use of the wrong office furniture, they can be in pain. And when workers are in pain, they report feeling tired and drained both mentally and physically. This means they work less efficiently and are less productive, even when trying their best. They might need to take frequent breaks to relieve the pain by walking around or stretching, or just repositioning themselves at their workstation, which interrupts their flow of work. And when workers are in pain, they are less able to be creative and generate ideas because they are so distracted by the physical aches.

Ergonomic furniture and work accessories can improve productivity even further. When working in a comfortable environment with the right furniture, workers can perform tasks more quickly because they can cut down on repetitive motions. And being comfortable leads to more energy, which increases productivity and efficiency.

This might make a lot of sense when thinking of chairs and desks. Anyone who has sat in the wrong chair can speak to how the discomfort grows and grows. But there are also other aspects of having the right furniture and increasing productivity. For example, having a computer monitor at the right height and distance, whether it is placed on the right desk or you use amount, will help. When the monitor is in the right place for the individual worker, they use the right brightness to read clearly, which reduces eye strain. This means fewer headaches and better accuracy when reading. Both of those things contribute to productivity.

Impress Clients and Visitors

Another good reason for the right office furniture is what it projects to people who are visitors to the office. It can provide a welcoming, professional-feeling to clients and other business partners. The right furniture will also make them physically comfortable during your meeting, and the right setup will be conducive to having productive discussions. Having furniture with the right function and look will be beneficial for your business. It can even showcase some of the unique aspects or skills of your business. But if it is dull, old and worn, or mismatched, it can send the wrong signal to potential clients.

For larger companies, having a conference room to hold meets is important. This room should also be sleek but inviting. A well-organized, neat conference room with comfortable chairs, good lighting, and adequate space will make meetings more enjoyable.

Increase Company Morale

Companies that have committed to good office furniture are telling their employees that their physical comfort and well-being are important to them. Focusing on improving employees’ daily comfort tells them they are important to the company, which makes them feel good. Just knowing their company cares about them can have a substantial impact on motivation, which improves productivity. Workers also want to reciprocate by producing an excellent work product.

If the office is disorganized, cluttered, with uncomfortable, mismatched, and old furniture, it can reduce workers’ enthusiasm for work. Clean, well-maintained offices with the right furniture make workers more productive.


There are many reasons for having the right furniture in your office. There are the physical aspects, that it is comfortable and safe for both employees and visitors. Not only does it feel good, but it prevents the risk of injuries for long-term use. And the right furniture communicates a positive feeling about the business to people who are clients or business partners.



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