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Your next great idea. It can strike at any moment, and when you're in that state of free-flowing productivity, maintaining focus is key. And then it happens.


The dreaded coworker walk-through. It can wreak havoc on your workflow, with a few ill-timed quips throwing you off your concentration in seconds. With UPLIFT Desk Acoustic Privacy Panels office distractions are a quickly fading issue, allowing you to block interruptions at your workstation with a few easy desktop additions. The .85 Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) means that 85% of noise is absorbed by the panels, while only 15% reflects back into the room. These panels work for nearly any desk, from our UPLIFT standing desks to your current workstation setup.


Pair Acoustic Privacy Panels with your UPLIFT Desk for better, more productive work sessions, minus thought-arresting office disturbances.

Acoustic Privacy Panels for Desks

  • Material Polyester fiber (50% recycled plastic bottles)
    Height Side panel: 15.5"
    Back panel: 22"
    Width Side panel: 22"
    Back panel: 40", 52", 64", or 72"
    Thickness 0.6"
    Required desktop thickness (for clamps) 0.75" - 1.75"
    Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.85
    Color Dark Gray, Light Gray, Lagoon Blue, Brown, and Green
    Shipping dimensions 22x15.5 Panel - 23" W x 16" D x 2" H, 4 lb
    40x22 Panel - 41" W x 23" D x 2" H, 7 lb
    52x22 Panel - 53" W x 23" D x 2" H, 10 lb
    64x22 Panel - 65" W x 23" D x 2" H, 12 lb
    72x22 Panel - 73" W x 23" D x 2" H, 13 lb
    Fire Rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08
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