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Essential Relief for Back Pain


Scientifically proven to aid both pelvic and lumbar spine angles to relieve back pain, improve your posture and keep you energized and productive throughout the day.


Kick off your Heels and Massage your Instep


Sloped surface which rises to 2” with a top ridge to massage your instep to relieve foot pain. Particularly effective in countering the strains of wearing heels to the office!


Stay Energized All Day


Turn it around throughout the day to feel the beneficial effects of both the incline and the decline for varied micro movements which keep you active, energetic and productive from behind your desk.

E7 Small Active Anti-Fatigue Mat

  • • Cushioned slope which rises to 2”
    • Top ridge for massaging the instep of the foot.
    • Scientifically proven to improve posture and relieve back pain.
    • Encourages micro-movements to keep your body active at work.
    • Reversible for either an inclining or declining slope.
    • Material: Polyurethane which is extremely durable and flexible synthetic
    • Waterproof, hold up to high heels, work well on carpet, and can rolled up easily for transportation
    • Can be used up to three years

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