The DT3 maximizes existing investments by converting standing desks into health-inspiring treadmill workstations. The wired console is inconspicuous and accommodating, and can be placed anywhere on most desktops. 


Elite Tracking:    Intelli-Step™ provides the most-accurate step counting available.

Office Ready:    Enable custom speed limits, audible safety features, and more.

Safety First:    Intelli-Guard™ ensures safety, pausing the treadmill should a user step away.

Precise Exercise Monitoring:    Distance, calories, time, and steps all clearly displayed for personal                                                                tracking.


Wear- Resistant Hardware:   Anodizd aluminum side rails and a 3 HP motor facilitate years of use. 

Heavy-Duty Construction:   Advanced, braced frame supports user up to 400 pounds. 

Maintenance-Free belt:    The upgraded, high-mileage belt requires no maintenace.