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Turn Down the Volume in Open Offices


Open office environments are a great option for any business looking to increase collaboration while still providing enough personal space to foster a healthy team culture. When it's time to start working on projects that require focus, many employees want a more private and quieter workspace to get their best thinking done. Get more privacy by adding our 6' tall (5'10" without casters) noise-reducing UPLIFT OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partition.


Each wall section is composed of six stacked acoustic panels (three per side) that come in several different widths and color options to suit the needs and design of any office. They absorb ambient sound while adding a sleek and professional flair to your office space. And, these sturdy, environmentally-friendly panels are made from 50% high quality reusable materials, so you can feel good knowing that as you build a quieter and more productive workspace, you are helping preserve the planet we all respect and love.



  • Add privacy while reducing noise with this 6' tall acoustic wall (5'10" tall without casters; just over 6' tall with casters). Four different widths (40", 52", 64", or 72")
  • Adapt the wall width as your needs change thanks to the expandable, telescoping frame. Wall can change sizes as your needs change without buying a new metal frame
  • Turn down the volume in large, open workspaces. These acoustic panels absorb ambient sound, while adding a sleek and professional-looking flair to your office
  • Gain more privacy and sense of ownership in select areas while you improve the soundscape. 86% of sound that hits our panels is absorbed and doesn't reflect back into the workspace
  • Choose from four different acoustic panel sizes to mount in the expandable, durable steel frame. Each wall section is composed of six sturdy, eco-conscious panels; made from 50% recycled material
  • Install optional casters to improve mobility
  • Align your design: Coordinates with our desk mounted Acoustic Privacy Panels by using the same panels for flexible modularity
  • Use multiple units side-by-side to create your own layout in offices, classrooms, lounge areas & more
  • NOTE: Before you can mount the panels to the wall's frame, you will first need to remove the material and plugs from the precut holes on the panels. These holes can be difficult to find, which is why we recommend using the Acoustic Panel Hole Finder Tool to make it easier for you.



OneWall Mobile Acoustic Office Partition

  • NRC value (Noise Reduction Rating) >.86
    Fire rating Euro Class B and ASTM E84-08
    Overall wall size without casters Wall with 40" panels - 40" W x 3" D x 70.3" H
    Wall with 52" panels - 52" W x 3" D x 70.3" H
    Wall with 64" panels - 64" W x 3" D x 70.3" H
    Wall with 72" panels - 72" W x 3" D x 70.3" H
    Wall feet are 15.75" long
    Wall height with casters 6' H
    Wall weight with panels Wall with 40" panels - 68.6 lb
    Wall with 40" panels - 68.6 lb
    Wall with 64" panels - 80.0 lb
    Wall with 72" panels - 83.6 lb
    Frame weight 49.4 lb
    Single panel weight 40x22 3.2 lb
    52x22 4.2 lb
    64x22 5.1 lb
    72x22 5.7 lb
    Acoustic Panel Colors Light gray, dark gray, lagoon blue, green, and brown (you can mix colors by contacting our sales department)
    Shipping dimensions 40x22 Panel - 41" W x 23" D x 2" H, 7 lb
    52x22 Panel - 53" W x 23" D x 2" H, 10 lb
    64x22 Panel - 65" W x 23" D x 2" H, 12 lb
    72x22 Panel - 73" W x 23" D x 2" H, 13 lb
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